Day 1…..success! Day 2………eh.

Well we are one for two folks…kinda.  Thanks for the few who liked my post and kept me motivated!  I’m still going to go ahead and track day one up to the placebo effect as I didn’t post on day two and I failed, but we’ll see how the next few days go! 

So, I guess I should probably tell you what I did on Monday and then my dreadful Tuesday.  I typically run on my treadmill (PA weather blows this time of year, and one thing I hate is being cold, so treadmill it is for the time being.), and rather than just doing my typical five miles (the length of one tv show without the commercials-I have it almost down to a science.), I instead ran six miles (Progress!!!!).  I did, however, run these miles at a slower pace, but that’s fine right?!  The good ‘ole PA weather was insanely atypical (Thanks, global warning, just this one time!) and was 70 on Sunday, so I ran in my neighborhood.  As just stated, I don’t get off the treadmill in the winter often enough, but when I do run in my neighborhood it is brutal.  Even though I almost always have my treadmill at an incline, the mean streets of Pittsburgh’s burbs are hellacious in regards to hills (Hillacious perhaps?).  Let me put it this way-every year there is a 5k and 10k that starts and stops literally outside of my front door.  The year we moved there, Turd and I signed up for the 10k thinking nothing of it.  We can run a 10k without thinking about training we thought….well not this one.  I ran a marathon earlier that same month and found the marathon to be much more pleasant than this 10k.  The hills are rolling, but intense.  I believe I stopped to walk a few times, and I couldn’t tell you another race besides my last marathon where I have stopped to walk before.  My neighborhood is well-known by runners due to it being a good training area for tough runners.  I am pretty sure I am not one of those tough runners though, because I will avoid my neighborhood like the plague.  In the two years since we moved here, I have vowed almost every time I go outside to run that I will do that 10k loop, and my legs are usually too dead by the 5k mark (I wish I were exaggerating about how brutal it really is.).  Sunday I did kick it up for about 5.1 miles, but I actually woke up slightly sore from that.  So to wrap that up, I am pretty fine with my six miles yesterday, no matter the pace.  Last night, however, was the prime example of the issue I deal with most in regards to motivation.  I worked about 11 hours yesterday and did not get home til 7.  I was literally ready to eat a small child if I had found one wandering the neighborhood, so I immediately binged, eating way too much.  I said oh, I’ll run after I let myself digest for an hour or so.  Well after that hour, I couldn’t bring myself to move off the couch. This happens probably at least twice a week due to my yucky work schedule (and more so, my lack of motivation).  Today, I immediately felt guilty about Tuesday though.  I made up for it by working out for about 40 minutes in the am, and then in a little bit, I am going to try to pick up the pace and do intervals.  I’d say doing two workouts might make up for the day prior, right??  I was just complaining to friends that I haven’t been able to kick my extra weight I threw on in the past few months, and they reminded me I keep doing the same old thing, so how am I going to change anything?  I guess I just needed someone to remind me of that!  Plus those wimpy arms need to start getting some action if they are ever going to get me through a Tough Mudder!  I’m excited to change up my workout tonight, but by the time I work out at like 9:00, I’m sure that will change…..but now that I already tossed out my workout plan to anyone able to read and use the internet, I guess I’m kind of accountable. 

Anyone who may happen upon this reading ever complete a Tough Mudder or want to!? I’d love some details!

I’m signing up for one in August!  I don’t think I’ve been this excited for a race in sooooo long (and nervous at the same time!). 

What is your favorite race length???



About edruns

I'm EMC. I love running, but lack motivation to get out the door some days, so that's what this blog is for! I live in PA with my fur babies. When I'm not trapped in the real world, I like to run, eat, sleep, play, create, and explore. Although I am mainly using this blog to track my life through my runs, I also might throw in some of my other passions. Please follow along with me!

2 responses to “Day 1…..success! Day 2………eh.”

  1. Emily says :

    Which one are you signing up for in August? Have you tried a spin class? Works on your quads and hammies and is a great overall workout. Also, yoga soon? My fave length is a 5k or 10k… depends on how I feel 🙂

    • ecruns says :

      I love spinning but haven’t done it in at least a year. Lets yoga in the next week! I need a relaxing hour after work! We haven’t signed up for a day yet in August for the tough mudder, but probably Saturday. I know you want to!!!

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