Lets Make a Deal…

Welcome, Nobody.  I know right now, I’m talking to just about nobody…or Emily.  Still Nobody (Just kidding my dear)….but let me dream that some day this post will be viewed by the millions, leaving me to quit my job in order to begin running nonstop so that I have enough content to maintain this blog and profit from it, AND eventually have a million of you living vicariously through my life.  I will start planning for the date of that dream to begin in about three months, so hurry it along followers!  Lets build a cult quickly!

Seriously though, I’m sure anyone who is reading this, knows me, or is my friend is likely thinking “Why are you wasting your time (and quite possibly mine)?” (My friends tend to be fairly pessimistic and bitter-that is why I love them all.)  The next thing I will hear is-begin quote-“Why are you making a blog now?  Everyone already has one.” -end quote.  Yes, I know that.  Maybe I’m late to drinking the Kool-Aid (I tied in the cult reference!), but I wanted something that would make me accountable.  Not just to me, but to someone else.  Maybe you won’t be interested in seeing what I have to say or what is going on in my life (I don’t blame you!), but you can at least see if I’ve been blabbering on on here and likewise know if I have been motivated to move around a bit.  And hell, Maybe it will motivate you to move around a bit too-or to do any of the other fine topics I post about (I hope not all of them though, as I don’t want to pull you into all of my bad habits.)  Or, maybe by posting about my running, I will become highly enlightened into my own running habits/abilities…maybe???  The last thing I will likely hear is “You don’t have Facebook, but now you will publicize your life via the internet on another webpage?”  My answer again is yep.  See comments above, thanks. So now that I have covered all of your comments in  advance, allow me to start covering mine….

So let me say it….I love running.  Even on my worst run, I have found a reason to love it.  I may have felt like crap afterwards, but obviously, it has pushed me to keep going.  No matter how much one loves running, though, the world and life often often finds a way to invade your running time-sometimes it is just your television, food, and couch that get in the way too.  That is where my problem lies (pun intended.).  And this is hopefully where my solution lies.  I am hoping in the next few months, you will hear a different story about a girl who has followed a marathon training schedule, maybe got a bit healthier, and maybe even made some changes in her life (AM runner perhaps? Taking on other sports/activities?  Lets not get too CrAzY here.).  Who knows where I will be led?  Lets just hope it is off of the couch.


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About edruns

I'm EMC. I love running, but lack motivation to get out the door some days, so that's what this blog is for! I live in PA with my fur babies. When I'm not trapped in the real world, I like to run, eat, sleep, play, create, and explore. Although I am mainly using this blog to track my life through my runs, I also might throw in some of my other passions. Please follow along with me!

8 responses to “Lets Make a Deal…”

  1. Nachthawk says :

    just kick it… and get out there… sometimes it is a drag I know, however being out there is an even bigger kick… good luck from nobody 🙂

    • ecruns says :

      Thanks for the comment! I agree-it is worth it once you get out there, but after a long day, it can be hard! Hopefully this blog will help me be accountable!! You a fellow runner? Check back and yell at me if I’m not up and running!

      • Nachthawk says :

        well yes I am a fellow runner… that is why I wrote to you in the first place… it can be a little motivating to know that somebody else is watching… grin..
        so either way keep it up…

      • Nachthawk says :

        Well… did you run today… or did you chicken out… you can see my short run in my blog…

      • ecruns says :

        I did I did! See my post. I tried to look at your blog the other day but it said it was private???? I’m new to te blogosphere so i’m not sure how to check it out!

      • Nachthawk says :

        yeah… I had to change the settings, forgot to set it from private to everybody… but it is open to now… I am off for a run in a little while – when I am fully awake…
        gonna check your blog now to see your progress… catch up later

  2. Emily says :

    listen here, dear. well, you are quite an avid runner – we all have our days of not wanting to run (or do anything). but when you get out there, you really rack up some miles. can’t wait to read more about your runs, new places to explore on a run, and any tips for us that prefer to work out a drinking arm while sitting on the couch 🙂 ps – an actual question: do you use a foam roller?

    • ecruns says :

      I haven’t used one yet, but I just bought my shoes from up n running and got a 45$ g.c. to use there on my next purchase, so I plan to buy one. You buying one?!?!

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